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1. How do I get to Paleochora ?

From Hania Airport:

By car: Leaving the airport, drive to the NATIONAL ROAD, direction  Kissamos/Kastelli.
After  app. 25 km  take the exit to Tavronitis/Paleochora. From there it’s another 50 km to Paleochora. The whole trip takes about 2 hours.

By bus: You have to go to the Central Hania City bus station ( called KTEL in Greek) by bus or taxi.  During high season there is a bus leaving Hania to Paleochora  at 5.15h, 8.30h, 10.30h, 12.45h, 16.00h and 20.00h. In spring and autumn are less busses. The bus ride takes  a little less than 2 hrs. For the momentary bus time tables please go to the website of the Public Bus Service www.e-ktel.com 

By taxi:. From Hania airport it costs 85 E (price for 2015) with the Paleochora taxi for up to 4 persons. If you wish we can send the local taxi driver to pick you up, we just need your arrival time and flight number. Or you can book the Paleochora taxi by yourselve:  just send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it '; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy_text28236 ); document.write( '<\/a>' ); //-->\n This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , tel. 0030-28230-41128 ( they have also cars for more than 4 persons), or to  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel 0030-28230-41368.  Of course there are many taxis outside the airport, too. There you will pay the official price of 110 E.


2. How do I get to Anonymous Homestay?

Arriving by bus: From the bus station keep going in the driving direction of the bus until you meet a kiosk on your right. Turn right after the kiosk and after 100 m you find the guesthouse to your left  (it's a 3 to 5 min. walk) .

Arriving by car: If you drive into Paleochora after 19.00 h (7 pm)  the main street is closed to traffic. So you turn right at the “no entrance” sign which is put in the middle of the street.  Follow this road until the second intersection, turn right and park right there. When arriving before 19.00h then take the same road or see "arriving by bus".

Arriving by taxi: If you have chosen  the Paleochora taxi to pick you up (this can be arranged by us) , you will be brought there. If you arrive by a Hania-Taxi then see "arriving by car". 

Arriving by boat: Leaving the boat, turn right on the second intersection, and left at the kiosk, another 100 m and you are there (this is a 3 min walk).

3. How late can I arrive at night?

If your arrival time is after 22h at night, please let us know , so we can make an arrangement  with the room key.

4. Is there parking space in front of AH?

There is  parking space in front and right next to Anonymous Homestay.

5. Is room service provided and how often are sheets and towels being changed?

Bins and bathrooms are being cleaned on a daily basis. About every 3 to 4 days, depending on the length of your stay, the towels and sheets are being changed.

6. Are there beach towels provided?

No, you have to bring your own beach towels, we only provide bathroom towels, which you cannot take to the beach.

7. Is there a kitchen with a refrigerator?

Each apartment has its private kitchen. The rooms have shared kitchen facilities. Each room has its own fridge.

8. Where can I wash my clothes?

You can wash your clothes by hand at the guesthouse or you can have them washed and dried at special cleaning shops in Paleochora

9. How long do I have to walk to the beach?

It is a 3 min. walk to the sandy beach and a 5 min. walk to the pebble beach.

10. When is check out / check in time at the guesthouse?

Check out is at 11 am and check in at 1 pm. In case you arrive earlier or leave later you can store your luggage in the guesthouse. (Of course ther is no extra charge)

11. Is is necessary to pay a deposit for the room/apartment?

For people who have stayed with us before it is not necessary. For newcomers it is necessary for 2 reasons: We can be sure that you will actually arrive at the booked date and you can be sure that your room is waiting for you on arrival. The deposit can be paid with credit card. For security reasons please make sure that you split up the card number in two seperate emails. We also need the exp. date of the card and the CVV No. You can also phone/fax the card number: 0030-28230-42333, send it with SMS or whats app to our mobile phone 0030-6986579483 or send the money with bank transfer (plus 4 E extra for the bank charge) The bank details are: PIRAEUS BANK, GR62 0171 1690 0061 6901 0064 585 BIC:PIRBGRAA, holder: Manolis Klironomakis, Paleochora. We will keep the deposit if you haven't canceld your booking at least 3 weeks before your arrival date.

12. How much will the deposit be?

If not agreed otherwise then it will be the amount of money for the first night.

13. Is there a baby traveling cot available?

We can provide you with a travel baby bed, which can accommodate kids up to the age of  3.

14. Where can I eat breakfast/lunch/dinner?

There are 2 possibilities: Either you make your own breakfast/lunch/dinner in the kitchen facilities provided in ANONYMOUS HOMESTSTAY  (a bakery  is a 3 min. walk away,) and eat it on your veranda or you go to http://www.paleochora-kreta.de/cafe-almyrida.htmkreta.de/cafe-almyrida.htm  for breakfast or eat in one of the many excellent restaurants and breakfast places in town.

15. Can I book in advance for just 1 or 2 nights?

We are sorry, but it is not possible to book in advance for less than 3 nights. Most of our guests stay one week or more so we would like to stay available for them. But we can offer the following: Just a few days ahead of your arrival, email  or phone us again and you can do your booking then.

16. What is an appartment?

We offer 2 appartments:

Rooms 1 and 2 can be rented as two seperate rooms or as the "Garden Appartment" (with their entrances right next to each other). It offers 2 seperate bedrooms and bathrooms ( by taking out a seperation there can be access from one room to the other if wished), a  very tradtitional  Greek kitchen right outside and a veranda to enjoy the garden and maybe talk to one of the other "garden rooms".

Rooms 3 and 4 can be rented as two seperate rooms or as the "Street Appartment" (with one entrance). It offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen in the hallway between the 2 rooms. If you enjoy just being with your family and to watch  the "´Greek life go by",  then this is perfect for you.

17. What is a room?

Some of our rooms have availability for 1 or 2 guests, others can acommodate 3 persons (on request even 4 guests, if we add an extra folding bed). Each room has its own private bathroom and an aircon ( for  some extra charge). The kitchen is shared with 1 or 2 more rooms.

18. Do the apartments/rooms offer airconditioning?

Each room has its own aircon. If you wish to use it then you can ask Sofia for the remote control. This will be possible with a daily extra charge of 4 E. If you decide that you don't want the aircon anymore then you just give back the remote and you will be charged normally for your room again.

19. Is there an internet connection?

Yes we are providing free WIFI and there are also plenty of internet cafes and breakfast places like http://www.paleochora-kreta.de/cafe-almyrida.htm or beachbars like ATOLI bar, right at the sandy beach and also Agios Bar in the center of Paleochora who provide internet with or without your own laptop.

20. Can I drink the tap water in Paleochora or do I need to buy water bottles?

It is save to drink the tap water in Paleochora.You can also ask for tap water in the restaurants, this will be free of charge.

21. What can I do in Paleochora besides going to the beach or for a walk in the mountains

 For painting classes contact Gale  www.paintpaleochora.com  . If you like stone carving  contact Gerhard Stelzhammer under www.gerhard-stelzhammer.at or if you would like a guided walk in the beautiful sourroundings of Paleochora,  contact Judy Tel. 0030 6944853443

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