Olive Oil

Our olive  groves are set in the mountains of South West Crete, some 450 m above sea level. Each year  between December and January,  we harvest the olives by spreading out large nets beneath the trees and then "comb" the olives into these nets. These raked olives are then stored in special olive sacks and, at the end of each day,  they are taken for cold pressing. It is the immediacy of the pressing that produces olive oil with an acidity of less than 1% 


Most of our oil is produced for our family, so great care is taken to ensure that we keep it as 'natural' as possible. 

The Cretans use olive oil for frying, roasting, and baking - and of course for salads; other oils are never used! Perhaps that is why our Cretan life span is longer than most.


                                  the olive grove


                                    a very old tree



                           just before the harvest



  Janni and Simon are laying out the nets


  Simon and Manolis are combing the tree


 then we collect the olives in special sacks....


  and this is the reward:


           after  cold pressing ....


              .......      and bottling



                                ..... our extra virgin olive oil



 We would also like to offer the family olive oil to the guests of ANONYMOUS HOMESTAY.

This comes in 3 litre cans, 1 litre and 0,5 litre cans, as well as in 1.5 litre plastic bottles. The cans can be silicon sealed and bubble wrapped for saver transport, if necessary.

Both our hand-gathered sea salt and our seasoned sea salt (with rosemary, thyme and basil) come in very attractive bottles.They are a great and very different souvenir of Crete, as well as being an ideal present for those back home. 

For more information or a taster of the oil or the salts, please ask Manoli's mother Sofia or either of us,  Sigi or Manolis. We can be found at our clothes shop ZIC ZAC. Otherwise check the flyers which you will find in all the kitchens of ANONYMOUS HOMESTAY.


Καλη όρεξη!!! Good appetite!