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Information about “Anonymous Homestay” Rooms - Apartments
In the South West of Crete

Guest house ANONYMOUS HOMESTAY is an 'old fashioned Greek Family style' pension  near the center of Paleochora in a quiet side street.

The 5 rooms surround a beautiful shaded garden full of trees and flowers and give  a quiet place to relax. 2 rooms are facing the street (they can be also rented as an appartment). In front of each room are places to sit and read or eat. We offer books and back-gammons. We have 7 rooms, 2 appartments, all with private bathroom, ceiling fans, air conditioning (with extra charge) and shared cooking facilities.

Manolis, the owner, and his mother Sofia take care of the guests. Sigi, Manolis german wife, is doing the bookings. Greek, English and German are spoken.


There are many things to do and see in and around Paleochora: Families with small or big kids and sun bathers will enjoy the wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters.  Walkers can explore the E4 paths that run along the coast. (Hobby)Archeologists will like the excavation sites and Byzantine Churches with its 15th century frescoes,and joggers and walkers will get excited about the wild life with rare eagles , very old olive groves and the stunning scenery.

The Peninsula of Paleochora, south from Hania|Chania, is a great place to relax, to take  photos, and to eat in family-run restaurants. Some 70%of Paleochora visitors are people who have been here before - they simply love it.




Travel agencies, car and bike rentals hotels, studios, 2 camping grounds, bars, discos, rooms,  supermarkets,  clothes shops, coffee shops, clubs and friendly smiling people are all waiting to make your stay unforgettable..

Family Klironomakis wishes you a wonderful time in Paleochora, also called "The Bride Of The Lybian Sea".

Did you know, that you can spell Paleochora in many different ways, here are some examples: Paleochora, Paliochora, Paliohora, Palaiochora, Palaiohora, Paleoxora, Palaioxora, and in greek Παλαιοχωρα  or Παλιοχωρα. Also for Hania there is Xania, Chania or Χανια.


Weather in Paleochora


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